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Graphic Designer /Illustrator

Hi, I'm Jack an illustrator, graphic designer and founder of Belle Illustration, working in many mediums and styles, specialising in artwork for musicians.

It's important as a musician that your artwork reflects your music. It's often what people see first and it gives an insight into what people will hear when they buy or stream your album.

Interesting artwork encourages people to keep buying physical music which as a musician myself, feels very important.

With this in mind, deciding on your artwork can be daunting. I can help you build on your own ideas, whether you've got a concept in mind already or if you're still looking for inspiration. We'll work together to create something that is entirely unique to you and suited to your style and taste.

I work from initial design all the way to getting the album printed. I provide all necessary aspects of album artwork from the design itself, to typography right down to formatting ready for print.





Hi, I’m Chloe!

I studied Art and Design at College and now work full time in Events and Marketing, so my role at Belle Illustration is a little more hands off than Jacks. I love to create though, so being part of the process of seeing your artwork come to life is so rewarding for me.

When Jack and I moved in together, the first thing on our agenda was setting up a little home studio, so Belle Illustration HQ was born and we joined forces!

I specialise in line drawing, watercolour and illustration, so when your design calls for it, you may have some of my work incorporated! During the discussion and initial design process, Jack and I decide which of our styles is more appropriate for each element of the design and go from there.

I love listening to a song and visualising artwork that fits, so I’m always happy to help if you’re stuck for ideas!


'Branch' Manager

Belle is our head of Barketing and Paw-blic Relations here at Belle Illustration. She was given the role when it became apparent that she couldn’t use a computer and was only interested in chewing a paintbrush. She is a very good girl though and heads up quality control, so you can be sure your designs are 100% Belle approved!

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